In The Shadows

All songs written by Alex Wachter, with contributions from Jeff Zuback.  All rights reserved.  

Here, In THe Shadows was recorded, mixed, and entirely self-produced from "the house upon the hill" in Baltimore, MD . . . indeed, in the darkest room of an old, old rambling house.  Final mastering done by Aftermaster Audio Labs, CA.

Album Art design by Alex Wachter, with contributions from Kelly Wunder.  All photos taken by Kelly Wunder.  

The Horror would like to thank: 

 Our entire large, wonderful family, without whom life would be a true horror.  Very Special thanks to cousin and brother Tym Zuback, and to Kelly Wunder, our officially-designated number one groupie.  And finally a special thanks to our parents, girlfriends, and friends, without whose support and presence in our lives no dream would ever be possible, and without whom we would surely be "not sane."